Herbal tea 300 ml      1,20 BGN.
Yogi tea  – cup  300 ml    1,90 BGN.
Organic coffee   1,50 BGN.
Coffee without caffeine 1,40 BGN.
Coffee with Reishi mushroom 2,90 BGN.
With vegan milk addition 0,40 BGN.
Vegan milk cappuccino 300 ml  2,90 BGN.
Vegan milk with organic cacao 300 ml    2,90 BGN.
Vegan milk with cinnamon 300 ml    2,90 BGN.
Vegan milk with inca 2,90 BGN.


Almond milk 250 ml    2,50 BGN.
Smoothie with godji berry, banana and dates 300 ml       4,60 BGN.

Almond milk with cinnamon, ginger and dates 300 ml      4,90 BGN.
Choco shake (almond milk, banana, dates, organic raw cacao 300 ml      5,40 BGN.
Strawberry shake with almond milk   300 ml     5,20 BGN.

Banana shake with almond milk  300 ml     5,20 BGN.
Protein shake “Fitness“ with plant-based protein, organic cacao, vanilla, banana, dates, almond milk 300 ml    5,90 BGN.
Shake “Choose the ingredients by yourself!” –    300 ml     6,50 BGN.


Mineral water 0,70 BGN.


  300 ml          3,90 BGN.
Ingredients: water, carrot, ginger, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, sesame tahini

300 ml        3,90 BGN.

Ingredients: water, spinach, parsley, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, Himalayan salt, lemon juice

       300 ml     3,90 BGN.

Ingredients: water, tomato, basil, peppers, almond cream, Himalayan salt, red pepper


Raw salads that are prepared right at the moment and for which you will need to wait some time.

Ingredients: green salad, tomatoes,cucumbers, peppers, olives, nut mix


A spoon nut dip (30 g) – 0, 60 BGN.
Olives (50 g) – 1 BGN.
Tomatoes, cucumbers (50 g)- 0, 70 BGN.
Pickled cucumbers (50 g) – 0, 70 BGN.
Oat croquet – 1, 00 BGN.
Vegan yellow cheese- 50 g – 1, 50 BGN.
Raw Cracker – 2 BGN.


Ciabatta bread 1,00 BGN.

Raw gluten-free cracker with red lentil 40 g     2,00 BGN.
Ingredients: Red lentil, carrot, parsnip, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, seasonings

Raw gluten-free buckwheat crackers with vegetables    40 g     2,00 BGN.
Ingredients: Ingredients: buckwheat, carrot, parsley, celery, onion, green and red peppers,flax seeds, Himalayan salt

Raw gluten-free cracker with quinoa and dried tomatoes 40 g     2,00 BGN.
Ingredients: quinoa, dried tomatoes, flax seeds and seasonings

   3,90 BGN.
Ingredients: cracker (buckwheat |quinoa and dried tomatoes | red lentil) with nut dip from sunflower seeds and cashew, olives and vegetables

**the sauces contain nuts


1,50 BGN. 100 g
Ingredients: cashew, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, Himalayan salt, seasonings


    3,90 BGN.
Ingredients: oats croquets and nut dip from sunflower seeds and cashew

     5,20 BGN.
Ingredients: wholegrain bread, oat croquet, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, sauce by choice

     2,80 BGN.
Ingredients: bread from einkorn wheat (low gluten level), nut cheese from sunflower seeds and cashew, tomatoes and cucumbers by choice

*Sauces for the sandwiches (contain nuts) – nut dip from sunflower seeds and cashew or vegan almond mayonnaise


    1 piece 3,50 BGN.
Ingredients: wild einkorn flour, nut cheese from sunflower seeds and cashew, mix of vegetables

    1 piece 1,50 BGN.
Ingredients: spinach, oat, sunflower seeds, onion, Himalayan salt, seasonings

    1 item 1,50 BGN.
Ingredients: oat, sunflower seeds, onion, olives, peppers, Himalayan salt, seasonings

    300 g    4,90 BGN.
Ingredients: oat croquets, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, nut dip from sunflower seeds and cashew

   1 piece 5,70 BGN.
Ingredients: beetroot, dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, seasonings

    1 item 5,70 BGN.
Ingredients: beetroot, dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, seasonings


    1 item 1,20 BGN.
Ingredients: sesame, sunflower seeds, dates, raisin, coconut

    1 item 1,30 BGN.
Ingredients: almonds, dates, organic cacao

 1 item 1,50 BGN.
Ingredients: gluten-free-flakes, dates, sunflower seeds, raw organic cocoa, almond

   1 парче 1,90 BGN.
Ingredients: Gayot chocolate, hazelnut tahini, coconut cream, agave

   1 парче 4,70 BGN.
Ingredients: peanut tahini, peanuts, coconut flour, agave, raw organic cacao, dates, almonds

1 item 2,00 BGN.
Ingredients: wild eincorn wheat, dates syrup, morello/raspberry, coconut oil, organic cacao

   1 piece 5,20 BGN.
You can see the raw cake of the day on the display in Loving Hut.

Smoothie with spirulina, banana and dates
Green smoothie with leafy greens
Малинов шейк
Blueberry shake with almond milk
Homemade mint lemonade
Кокосова вода</strong/>” width=”101″ height=”265″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-446″ /></div>
<div class=
Cream of carrot-ginger soup with sesame tahini
Green soup with leafy greens,mixed seeds, coconut
Mix Salad
Сурова мини пица
Сурова ядкова разядка
Burger WITHOUT bread made from 2 oats croquets along with nut dip between them
Vegan croquette sandwich with fresh vegetables and sauce by choice
Quiche with wild einkorn flour and vegetables
Oats croquette with spinach
Ingredients: oat, sunflower seeds, onion, olives, peppers, Himalayan salt, seasonings
Oats croquette with vegetables and sauce
Raw vegan flat sausage
Raw vegan Babek
Raw energy balls with coconut
Сурови топчета
Raw chocolate cookie
Шоколадови бонбони с лешников пълнеж и бял веган шоколад
Веган сникерс
Vegan rocks
Raw cake of the day